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  • Carol Alayne

"Never Mind the Logo..."

An article in the Guardian caught my eye last week, highlighting a backlash in shopping habits. It seems the buying public is starting to shun the big fashion label (and the heavy mark-up that comes with the price tag), questioning their wardrobe purchases in what is being called “conscious consumerism”.

With the emphasis more on value, consumers are demanding transparency and authenticity - qualities that are not necessarily found underneath the

emblazoned logos that can take over a piece of clothing.

Brands are having to think about how to deliver value in new ways to customers who are increasingly thoughtful, yet increasingly cynical about how they want to spend their money.

These same points were echoed again this morning, in Jenny Murray’s “Women’s Hour” programme, when guests spoke about how consumers were buying ‘less’ so garments needed to work ‘more’.

It is all rather obvious to me - with bespoke tailoring you can find refuge from all of these issues. You choose sustainable fabrics, buy hand-crafted, comfortable garments that last, and are part of the experience every step of the way. You see the garment being made, and can make changes along the way. You become part of a completely transparent, traceable process, for you and only you…and nothing else comes close.

When you buy Bespoke - you become your own logo.

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