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First Encounter

This generally takes no more than one hour.  During this time I will discuss with you your particular tastes and preferences,  sketch some initial ideas, and take a full set of measures on which to base the initial design concept and develop the pattern.  Subsequent to this we may have one or two fittings.


I encourage you to bring images, drawings, or garments you already enjoy wearing.  Or, we can start completely from scratch.  I have both example garments and a full range of fabric samples in my studio which are supplemented from my long and close association with many of the finest purveyors of high quality fabrics in London.


Moving Forward

The relationship does not end with the completion of an exquisitely crafted garment.  I encourage my clients to give feedback and to revisit my studio should any future minor adjustments be necessary.

What to expect

This short film will give you a tase of what to expect when you visit our studio in Spitalfields E1.  It was prepared as part of a film project by the young director Max Conran.



All garments are individually tailored, requiring the utmost attention to detail and appropriate crafting techniques.  As a consequence it would be unrealistic to make a price comparison with high street or retail equivalents.  We will provide an estimated price range suited to your requirements at our first point of contact.  However, as an initial guide:

Tailored Suits: £2,500+

Skirts & trousers: £450+

Tops: £180+

Tailored Jackets: £1,500+

Soft Tailored Jackets: £800+

Day dresses: £800+

Evening dresses: £1,500+

Special Occasion: subject to requirements


The Art of Bespoke

Engaging with the ‘art of bespoke’ is the ultimate clothing experience.  Nothing else comes near.

It is a reciprocal, creative process between both client and craft person.  All parameters are within your control, and it gives you, for the first time, the opportunity to match seamlessly your character with your clothing aspirations whether this be haute couture, business, or day wear.

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