Fairy tales can come true!

This post was written by my very impressive friend, Eva Hamilton. One of my all time favourite commissions, Eva describes her wedding day and the special dress we created together. "As a young child there were only a few things that I knew with absolute certainty: I was actually secretly a princess, abducted by these ‘parents’ but actually rightful heir to a far-away throne. That I would one day be a princess marrying a prince I would be the most beautiful bride that ever existed, wearing a giant, puffy ball-gown. These ‘truths’ did not take into account any of the realities of my life: that I looked like a perfect mix of my parents (so much so that people frequently comment), that being in

For gawd sake, get me to the church on time!

I had request from a bride-to-be this week. It was not for a new commission, but rather a desperate plea to remedy a gown she had ordered from another supplier. The poor woman was beside herself. She had invested a five figure sum for the privilege of four fittings and a wait of 12 months before finding out that her dream dress had not been realised. She approached me just 3 weeks before the wedding to take remedial action! During the course of the amendments it became obvious that this was a factory made garment, not the bespoke item she thought she had paid for. I am called upon to do this sort of 'emergency surgery' from time to time. Things always get fixed. The bride and everyon

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